Lee Sandlin
Reification - Belles Lettres
Reification - Belles Lettres
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There is no antidote against the opium of Time. — sir thomas browne, urn burial

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The New Kings of Nonfiction

An extended excerpt from “Losing the War” is anthologized in a new book from Riverhead Press (Penguin), “The New Kings of Nonfiction.”

“The New Kings” is anthology of the best new masters of nonfiction storytelling, personally chosen and introduced by Ira Glass, the producer and host of the award-winning public radio program “This American Life.”

Describing why he selected “Losing the War,” Glass writes, it is “about what it is that makes wartime different and about the particular psychology of being at war. It was a massive historical article, exhaustively researched. Sandlin was interested in World War II — in why it’d been forgotten — and in what exactly had been forgotten. ... He is attempting to redefine everything we think about World War II and all other wars as well.”

The book, he says, is “a collection of stories — some well known, some more obscure — capturing some of the best storytelling of this golden age of nonfiction.”